About me

I have over seven years of experience working in unscripted television/film. During that time I have developed a diverse skill set, having filled roles from production manager to producer/director. Having such a diverse experience gives me a unique and efficient way of working. 

In 2013 I produced and directed a feature documentary entitled 72%. The film examines the causes and effects of the out of wedlock birthrate in the African-American community. 2014 was a very productive year that saw me co-produce a short narrative with Rahwa Asmerom of BlackStory Films entitled Didn't I Ask for Tea, which will be making the festival rounds in 2015. I've also been busy shooting various documentary projects for Fire and Air Entertainment, Rabbit's Foot Productions and producer/director Todd L. Williams. Lastly, I'm in post on a comedy pilot that I shot and co-produced with writer/director Charles Goonan.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to college I had no ambitions of working in television or film. I started my college career as a music major. After two years as a music major I suddenly found that I had fallen out of love with the idea of being a professional musician. After much contemplation I decided I would switch my major to Media Arts with a concentration in Media Management, which is where I thought my skill set lied. I never thought I would end up on the creative side.